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ecoFLEX™ Better than Wood, Better than Plastic, The Best of Both!

  • Durable – Warranted for 10 Years
  • Resistant to Natural Causes of Deterioration
  • Non Toxic & Naturally Anti-microbial
  • Easiest to Clean
  • Versatile – Can be formed into almost any shape
  • Stable – no dimensional changes with variations in temperature/humidity
  • Paintable/Stainable
  • Light Weight – Strength through double wall construction
A blend of recycled polymers and wood by products, ecoFLEX exhibits the best characteristics of the polymers and wood that forms the basis for the material.  Better than Plastic…..Better than Wood…..Really, the Best of Both.
ecoFLEX is made by:
reducing clean, recycled polymers and by products from the manufacture of hardwood furniture frames – materials that normally would be burned or dumped into a landfill – into a flour like consistency. 
The material is mixed with UV inhibitors and color blending compounds and granulated into a moldable form that is ecoFLEX.  That material is used to mold the parts that are used to make ecoFLEX “lumber” which is then cut and formed into our products. 
The recycled polymers used are either imported from the US and Western Europe where prior use can be verified or they are from our factory’s post industrial scrap. 
A variety of polymers can be used including PVC, ABS, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and others.  The wood is predominantly Poplar, a hardwood.

The Benefits of ecoFLEX based products:

Longer life cycle –
ecoFLEX based structures will easily outlast 2 or even 3 similar wooden structures. In some hot & humid climates, ecoFLEX products will outlast 3 or even 4 traditional wooden structures.
10 Year Warranty –
Covers defect & deterioration

AllProof ™-
Weather resistant – Moisture and Humidity Resistant
Rot Proof
Insect Proof
Stability –
ecoFLEX doesn’t warp, twist or crack from changes in temperature and humidity making assembly easier and further extending life.
ecoFLEX doesn’t expand and contract like wood meaning the structure will remain solid for a much longer period of time.
ecoFLEX doesn’t splinter making it safer in general use.
Natural color –
The color is not a stain or surface preparation. 
Color does not wash off, it does not oxidize and turn gray over time. 
Minimal fading results in a lighter version of the original color
Paint or Stain –
Accepts latex paint without priming. 
Can be stained with repeat applications of oil based stain.
Double wall construction –
ecoFLEX panels are constructed with inner and outer walls connected by an interior web making them stronger than a similar thickness of wood,
Lighter weight and with this “dead air space” it provides a measurable level of insulation. 
Easiest to clean –
When combined with New Age’s unique assembly technology, gaining access to the inside of the structure in order to clean it is a 30 second process with no tools.
You’ll be done cleaning before you have 4 of the screws from a typical wood structure removed. 
Extensive cleaning done once a quarter or so, is easily accomplished with a mild detergent
So easy to assemble and disassemble the entire structure can be brought inside for a thorough cleaning
Eco-Friendly –
Not to lose sight of the fact that these are the only pet structures made for outdoor use that are made from recycled materials

Versatile –
ecoFLEX is extremely versatile
Can be extruded, injection molded and more
Cut and drill ecoFLEX panels with common woodworking tools
Can be made to look like wood, stone, marble or even plastic
Perfect for any product that traditionally would or could be made from wood where the benefits of ecoFLEX are important and add value
Available –
ecoFLEX is now used in virtually all of the products marketed by New Age Pet & Garden. 
New Age Pet and New Age Garden are the North American marketing arms of Pinta International Inc. and are located in Hayward, CA.  The products marketed by New Age are all manufactured by the company in its own facility in Shantou, China where quality control and material composition can be guaranteed.  In addition to these products, New Age markets a number of additional innovative and unique products in the US and Canada.  New Age Pet is a registered trademark and New Age Garden ecoConcepts, ecoFLEX, Habitat ‘n Home, ThermoCore, AllProof, Paw Proof Bowls and the marks listed below are all trademarks of Pinta International Inc.